Sanitary containers


Sanitary containers are well insulated (cool in summer, warm in winter). Sanitary containers are equipped with a complete electrical installation (lighting, sockets, heating). Sanitary containers with a shower are also a frequent choice.


It is possible to equip the containers with additional windows and office / cloakroom furniture.


Transport cost to be agreed individually.


Sanitary container is used on construction sites, during concerts and other mass events. It also fulfills its role as sanitary facilities in bathing areas, at playgrounds, amusement parks, or at depots.


Sanitary container can have separate zones and even entrances. Thanks to the good quality of the finish, they do not differ from traditional sanitary rooms.


We produce airtight and impermeable sanitary containers for the whole country. As a national container constructor, we are able to provide you with an outstanding service and a tailor-made solution. We are characterized by a low price, rapid implementation and a comprehensive approach to the implementation of containers from A to Z. We build sanitary containers , and we also offer various accessories, such as air conditioning or additional doors. Our traditional offer includes an insulated container, electrical installation, heating and sanitary facilities. In addition, we include the option to configure the color of sheets, walls and doors! Transport is inexpensive and extra paid, and the price is agreed by phone. Sanitary containers, as modular buildings, are available in any size!


Our company is one of the leading nationwide selling sanitary container nationwide. Many years of experience allow the group to boast of a strong but also valued brand. From the beginning, we have focused on gaining the best possible relationships with the most important professionals – which results in one of the best prices for sanitary containers . It is very important for our company to receive you promptly and to sell effectively. We have been trying to accelerate all elements of our business for a long time so that nothing slows down the execution of containers. The offer includes both the manufacture of a container, but also inexpensive transport. We guarantee full assistance in choosing the right container. We know that it is not a palace, but we still try to take care of every detail, appearance and quality of workmanship. Our trained and professional team guarantees you satisfaction with the use of our services! A reasonable fee for a sanitary container with a shower or without it is due to the high sales volume as well as the developed methods!

kontener sanitarny


The sanitary containers we offer are made of high-quality metal sheets. We use polystyrene or polyurethane wall panels, as well as steel structures. An individual sanitary container from the outside is secured and painted in the selected color. The sanitary containers we manufacture are widely used. They are commonly used on construction sites, outdoor swimming pools, amusement parks, depots and as temporary bathrooms during renovation. they can come in the following variants: standard, with a shower, for men, etc.

What are your sanitary containers characterized by?

We offer modern, all-year-round containers that look very good, are insulated and include a complete electrical installation (lighting, sockets, heating).


What can the sanitary container be equipped with?

You can increase the space in the container, add a frame, additional windows, doors (glass, double, sheet metal). In addition, you can buy air conditioning, roller blinds, as well as bathroom equipment (toilet, washbasin, sink cabinet, battery, battery water heater, plumbing, electrical installation and shower).


How is the sanitary container heated?

It is heated using electric heaters or an air conditioner if purchased.

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